Red Door Candle Studio, Soy Candles 12oz

Red Door Candle Studio, Soy Candles 12oz

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Quality hand poured soy candles. Enjoy a clean burn and a beautiful fragrance

Mac Apple: fresh picked apples

Champagne: celebration! Sparkling Champagne

Berry Zing: black raspberries mixed with vanilla

Laundry Day: fresh, crisp, clean laundry

Rainbow: Fun Filled Candle with a unique scent on each layer

Dark Linen: dark and mysterious cologne scent

Lilac: a springtime favourite

Berry Crisp: Summer berries wrapped in a golden crust

Vanilla Bean: A warm vanilla scent with a hint of vanilla liquor

Vanilla Cream: A creamy, baking vanilla scent. 

Warm Vanilla: A sugary warm baking scent

Just Peaches: fresh orchard peanuts

Crushed Candy: Sweet scent of hard candy

Obsessed: womens' cologne

Razzleberry: raspberries in summertime

Earl Grey: the scent of a warm inviting cup of tea

Light My Fire: Warm campfire scent

Pumpkin Crumble: Warm and inviting fall scent

Muskoka: a beautiful walk in the woods

The Tropics: smells like mango coconut and a bit of the tropics

Butter Pecan: smells like tarts grandma used to make

Toasted Marshmallow: smells just like toasted marshmallows on a summer evening

Lemon Spritzer: smells like fresh lemon summer drink

White Chocolate: delicious luxurious white chocolate

Patchouli: smells exotic with an undertone of spiciness

Forest Mint: Minty Spearmint

Tobacco & Cardomum: Smoky and spicy

Eucalyptus & Lavender: Fresh & soothing! 

Handmade by Red Candle Studio


Handmade by Red Door Candle Studio